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Iligan City is located in the northern coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay, bounded in the north by the province of Misamis Oriental, in the east by the provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur and in the south by the province of Lanao Del Norte. It is approximately 795 kilometers southeast from Metro Manila. It is the site of Mindanao’s electric power source. The city is classified as lone distric since October 20, 2009, which is now separated from the first district of the province of Lanao del Norte. It is 90 kms. away from Tubod, the capital of the province.

Date Created June 16, 1950 under R.A 525
Land Area 81,337 hectares (813.37 sq. km.)
Climate Type Short dry season (for one to three months). Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.
Soil Type Cool Highland Mountain Soil
Population 363,115 (2020 Census)
Average Growth Rate 1.18% (2020 Census)
Population Density 421 inhabitants per square kilometer
Number of Households 87,239 (2020)
Average Size/Household 4.2 (2020)
Number of Barangays 44
Religion Predominantly Roman Catholic
Major Dialect Cebuano
Languages Maranao, Cebuano, Binukid, Tagalog
Cultural Minority Higaonons, Maranao, Kolibugan
City Classification Highly Urbanized
Industries 11 Major Industries
Banks 24 (4 private & 20 public)
Tourism 23 waterfalls, 8 springs, 15 caves
School 181 schools (106 public; 75 private; 17 madrasah) including vocational and technical schools
Literacy Rate 94.71
Health Facilities 5 hospitals (4 private; 1 public), 49 Brgy. Health centers, 1 Main Health Center
Seaports 1 public port; 9 private & 2 fishing ports
Power 3 Hydro-electric power plants
  • 4 Digital Telephone Systems
  • 2 Wireless Telephone Systems (Smart Comm. Inc. & Globe)
  • 2 Cable Stations
  • 8 Radio Stations
  • Messengerial Agencies / Cargo Forwarders
  • 1 Posts
  • 4 newspaper publications
  • 4 Internet Service Companies (Iligan Global Access Network, MARANET, Weblink & Philweb) & other private internet cafes located within the city
  • Land - 2 Bus companies
  • Sea - 4 shipping lines
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Iligan City