The City Government shall establish the Iligan Investment Promotion Center that shall execute all acts and promulgation of the Board in relation to the regulation, promotion and generation of investments and other approved programs and projects that will make Iligan City an ideal business location. The IIPC shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:

1. To serve as secretariat, records custodian and technical staff of the Iligan Investment Board;

2. To act as one-stop action center for the accreditation and registration of enterprises; including providing assistance

A. securing business permits or licenses of the registered enterprises and its other requirements to hasten their operations;

B. securing and facilitating the availment of registered enterprises of the national investment incentives program; and

C. identifying ideal business locations and other requirements of applicant enterprises;

3. Subject to the direction and approval of the Board, implementing the following:

A. a vigorous and sustained image-building program including but not limited to regular tri-media releases, production of business publications and trade updates or innovative marketing collaterals,

B. vigorous and sustained investment facilitation and generation program including but not limited to sending and receiving trade and investment missions, organizing and participating in trade fairs and exhibitions

C. a sustainable program for the development and promotion of SMEs in coordination and consultation with the appropriate local, regional and national government agencies and business support organizations including but not limited to enterprise formation, technology transfers and licensing agreements and training;

4. Provide business consultancy services including but not limited to pre-feasibility studies, government regulations, policies, procedures and incentives site selection, joint ventures, business acquisitions and accessing of financing or lending facilities especially for SMEs

5. Conduct regular researches and policy studies to include, but not limited to, investment climate assessment, economic condition analysis, business opportunities identification, industry sector studies;

6. Establish and maintain data bank on general business information including but not limited to investment incentives promotion, identification of businesses and potential partners.

7. Perform such other functions and duties as may be assigned by the Board.

Cost of doing business

Power Rates:


KWH: 10.3442


KWH: 10.1420


KWH: 10.2913

Flat Rate

KWH: 9.9404

Bulk Power

KWH: 8.8171

Water Rates:


0-10 cum 2.0
11-20 cum 2.30
21-30 cum 2.80
31-40 cum 3.40
Above 40 cum 4.10


0-10 cum 4.0
11-20 cum 4.60
21-30 cum 5.60
31-40 cum 6.80
Above 40 cum 8.20


0-10 cum 192.60
11-20 cum 6.90
21-30 cum 8.40s
31-40 cum 10.20
Above 40 cum 12.30

Real Estate

Cost of Rent for Commercial / Office Space = 458.00 Php (CBD) per php square meter per month

Land Classification and Market Value:


From: 110.00 To: 5,230.00


From: 560.00 To: 1,410.00


From: 9,840.00 To: 14,060.00


From: 4,520.00 To: 2,510.00

Tax Incentives

The City provides Investment Incentives to existing and new enterprises as stipulated in City Ordinance No. 2916, Series of 1996 entitled “Iligan City Investment Incentives and Promotions code of 1996”.

Tax on Business:

Gross Sales / Receipts for the preceding calendar year on Wholesalers, Distributors, Dealers , or Retailers in any article of Commerce of Whatever kind of Nature in accordance with the following schedules

1,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 2,000 49.50
2,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 3,000 82.50
3,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 4,000 110.00
4,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 5,000 165.00
5,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 6,000 198.00
6,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 7,000 220.00
7,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 8,000 264.00
8,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 10,000 308.00
10,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 15,000 363.00
15,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 20,000 440.00
20,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 30,000 495.00
30,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 40,000 715.00
40,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 50,000 990.00
50,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 75,000 1,540.00
75,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 100,000 2,090.00
100,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 150,000 2,750.00
150,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 200,000 3,850.00
200,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 300,000 4,950.00
300,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 500,000 7,150.00
500,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 750,000 10,450.00
750,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 1,000,000 14,850.00
1,000,000 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN 2,000,000 15,400.00
IN EXCESS OF 2,000,000
2,000,000 UP TO 20,000,000 27.5% OF 1%
20,000,000 UP TO 50,000,000 38.5% OF 1%
50,000,000 ABOVE 55.0% OF 1%
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