DATE :Apr 29, 2024
Author • Freddie Siao

In deference to the DOJ and PNP press briefing last April 25, 2024 naming Iligan City as one of the areas in the country with high concentrations or incidents of OSAEC cases, Iligan City government commits and vows to support all programs and operations curtailing this horrendous form of child abuse or exploitation.

However, notwithstanding this report it should be emphasized that based on the said indicators, the higher the number would suggest the more active the Task Force is in that particular place. The high reported cases in Iligan City shouldn't solely be interpreted as a negative reflection; instead, it underscores the city's dedication to addressing these crimes head-on.

Furthermore, it's important to clarify that the mention of cities like Iligan City in such briefings doesn't imply ranking but rather identifies areas with high concentrations of monitored TIP OSAEC cases. This acknowledgment is based on indicators that suggest the more active the local government and PNP task force like Iligan City Police Office Task Force OSAEC, against these crimes, the higher the reported cases might be.

Iligan City, under the leadership of City Mayor Frederick W Siao, has taken crucial steps in combatting OSAEC and TIP in the city . The LGU mobilized and activated the Iligan City Police Office OSAEC Task Force and Multi-disciplinary Team - Strong Network of Care dedicated to investigating and combating OSAEC as evidenced by its several police and rescue operations which resulted to convictions of perpetrators. This indicates the city's active and serious approach in apprehending perpetrators and protecting vulnerable individuals, especially the children victim-survivors.

Iligan City does not even stop in its support to apprehend perpetrators and hold them liable for the crime they committed, but it also takes active part in capacitating the law enforcers, social workers, educators, and other service providers handling children. The city is mindful of the role of all stakeholders in this fight against these crimes; thus, it also supports several advocacy campaigns in the schools and barangays educating the students and the community about these crimes and the perils it brings to our children.

Authorities focus on preventive measures and educational campaigns to raise awareness about online risks and empower children, parents and educators with the knowledge to stay safe online.

Overall, the intent is not to stigmatize cities like Iligan but to recognize and support their efforts in combating these heinous crimes. Clarifications like these help viewers understand the broader context and appreciate the proactive measures taken by local authorities.

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