Free Wifi for All

DATE : September 27, 2022

To address the growing demands of the digital economy.

The Philippine government has an ambitious program to provide free public Wi-Fi to all citizens in all public places in the country underpinned by legislation that passed in 2017 that mandates the government's Department of Information and Communications (DICT) to implement the Free Public Internet Access Program.

Advancing to becoming a modern city. Iligan City is now a step closer to fully utilizing Internet connectivity. With the recent activation of the City College of San Fernando’s very own access point of Free Internet last September 13, 2022. Now, Free Wifi for All Access is beginning to be realized here in Iligan City. Last August 26, 2022, headed by Innovative Mayor Frederick W. Siao together with the Department of Information and Communications Technology #DICT will held a project discussion yesterday on the FREE WiFi for All Project and its implementation to promote Internet Connectivity here in Iligan City.

With this step, it is forecasted to significantly boost socio-economic development, and services to citizens by creating commercial opportunities not only in areas of government as well as for the private sector as well as participants with a large economic effect due to service expansion for all. Additionally, it will have an effect on how the current information economy develops by enabling everyone to easily access digital solutions.

Public WiFi data can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just enabling internet access.

Some of them consist of:

  • Improved urban planning
  • Advantages for the local economy
  • Implementing e-government solutions may be possible.
  • Access to online services is now easier (i.e. location services, ways finding)

Which consequently increases life quality. Fully realizing this project will undoubtedly direct our beloved city to become one of the pioneering smart cities here in the Philippines. As it is ongoing, the areas that will be primarily activated are GTLMH “City Hospital '' and Anahaw Amphitheater (City Hall) ; the rest of the areas will be announced later.

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